April 24, 2018

Services & Programs

Our services are broadly classified into these three major components.

ENVISION: we make you see a future that can be in your leadership development, business pursuit, career advancement and healthy living.

ENLIGHTEN: we let you know how to go about whatever you do for effectiveness and productivity.

EMPOWER: we lead you through the practical steps that will make you a better leader in business, career and health.

At Phaino Consulting, we emphasize that our job is not to do your job but we make it easy for you to do your job.


Phaino Consulting is an evolving global player in business, government and professional  affairs.

Our works speak:

CAREER PATHING: We help young men and women determine the career options available to them and the skills and training they need to develop to embark on each one. We give them frameworks that open up the possibilities available to them now and in the future.


SDG RURAL SENSITIZATION: We hold sensitization programs for people in rural areas with the aim of bringing the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in those places where their attainment would have the greatest impact. This includes the United Nations (UN) – related rural awareness towards achieving her sustainable development goals.


SETTLEMENT ASSISTANCE SERVICES: Our Settlement Assistance Service is a go-to think-tank for all professional workers seeking to settle or resettle in Osun State especially major towns of Osogbo, Ile-Ife and Ilesa. We help people understand the terrain, customs and ways of doing things in these various towns. For instance, we can help our Client get decent accommodations, church directories, schools and crèche for their children. We help you understand the transport system, markets and where to purchase things at cheaper prices. For Clients coming from outside the southwestern part of Nigeria and does not understand the Yoruba Language, we take them through basic language training to enable them relate well with artisans and market women. At Phaino Consulting our goal is to help working professional lead a happy and successful life and get the best out of their working communities.

CORPORATE TRAINING: We hold Human Capacity Development seminars and programs for corporate clients. Each training is customized to the needs of each client. Our trainings provide much – needed knowledge, orientation and motivation for their members of staff, seeding increased productivity, boosted morale and better workplace culture.

ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT TALKS: We help individuals and organizations develop their plans, structures and systems for generationally relevant businesses.

CORPORATE COLLABORATIONS: We develop strategic partnerships with companies that have complementary strengths to develop products, services and projects in pursuit of our goals as a company.

AGENT BANKING: One of our current projects involves working with different banks to extend their reach to areas they may not currently serve where their services are needed.

BUSINESS EMPOWERMENT: We help people achieve their dreams of owning, growing and strengthening their businesses. We provide the tools and resources to help you launch and run your business effectively.

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